Mapleton Y pool update: Details.

Updated mask information.



The Mapleton Y pool is scheduled to reopen in February 2022. Due to the age of the pool, we experienced major mechanical issues and we are working with engineers on the solution. Check back here for updates on the pool open date. We encourage you to utilize our pools and aquatics programs at the Arapahoe Y in Lafayette and the Ed & Ruth Lehman Y in Longmont.

We welcome you to the warm water pool at the Mapleton YMCA, one of Boulder's only warm water facilities. Our warm water pool is a favorite for swimmers and not-quite-yet swimmers of all ages. With temperatures between 90 and 92 degrees, the pool keeps the shivers away for little ones learning to swim and playing in the water. The warmer temperatures also make the pool ideal for older adults who are dealing with medical conditions that affect joint or muscle integrity and adults looking for therapeutic, low-impact swimming and exercise. 

Come on in! The water is fine.

Benefits of warm water swimming:

  • Rehab injuries
  • Increase mobility & flexibility
  • Relieve chronic pain, including back pain 
  • Improve balance & reduce the risk of falls
  • Improve cognitive function - Improve mental health 
  • Improve overall strength 
  • Work out with a fun, social group

Make the Most of Open Swim at the Warm Water Pool

Whether it's playtime or workout time, open swim times at the warm water pool offer opportunities for families, adults and seniors to move, bond, swim and exercise. During this non-structured time, our members enjoy using the pool in a variety of ways, including water walking and therapy swim as well as family time. Lap lanes and the splash pad are always available during open swim.


Family Swim During Open Swim

If your child needs a flotation device, please provide your own. You are welcome to use the splash pad during open swim.

Water Walking During Open Swim

We encourage members to use the aquatic fitness equipment to achieve a vertical water workout. Water walking is an ideal way for people to rehab from injuries and to build up physical strength and endurance. This form of exercise also improves circulation, reduces the risk of falling and spares the joints. All of this — and you don’t even have to get your hair wet!

Therapy Swim During Open Swim

Designed for people of all ages for therapeutic needs, including Fibromyalgia, arthritis, debilitating diseases, recent surgeries, etc.

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