The Boulder and Longmont Y pools are closed Sat, May 27 - Mon, May 29

Memorial Day Hours

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Re-Imagining Wellness

Here's how the pandemic will influence our fitness, food and friendships long into the future. READ MORE

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Five Reasons to Consider Working Out With a Personal Trainer

Could working out with a trainer help you out of your COVID slump? READ MORE

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How to Prep for Your First 14er

Tackling your first 14er can be intimidating. We've asked an expert to offer up tips to help you get motivated, train and stay safe. READ MORE

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CEO: Let's Greet Them

Our fitness centers may be a little busier these days. But that's a good thing. READ MORE

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Is High Intensity Interval Exercise Right For Endurance Athletes?

YMCA Trainer Martin Kretz looks at how HIIT training can benefit endurance athletes. READ MORE

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4 Ways A Personal Trainer Will Rock Your Workout

Personal training can help you get fitter and stronger more effectively than working out solo. READ MORE

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Volunteers of the Month: CU Triathlon Team

The CU Triathlon Team supports the Strong Kids Triathlon every year, helping us provide a truly special experience to local kids. READ MORE

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5 Steps to Setting “Smart” Goals

Are you setting fitness goals that are smart and SMART? READ MORE

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10 Fitness Hacks From Y Trainers

The fitness world can be an intimidating place, and finding a routine that works best for you can be a challenge. Here are a few tips and tricks from Y trainers to help you navigate through your fitness journey. READ MORE