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Taylor & Elizabeth: Living Our Cause

Jun 2, 2015, 13:54 PM by

Summer time means summer camp at the Y. It just so happens that the recipients of this month's Living Our Cause Award both play a pivotal role in ensuring that the Y is a life-changing opportunity for all kids each summer. Learn more about Taylor Edwards and Elizabeth Baker.

living-our-cause-taylorName: Taylor Edwards

You probably won't see Taylor's face around either YMCA facility. But if you head up into the heart of the Rocky Mountains…just far enough that you think you might have gone too far, you'll find him — our Director of Fun at Camp Santa Maria. Just outside of Bailey, in the beautiful mountain enclave that the Y runs year-round, Taylor lives and works. He hosts and cooks for our spring camp groups, and in the summer he plans special activities and organizes camp fires. His work ethic and passion for what he does make him an invaluable member of the Y family.

How long have you worked for the Y? 4 years

I work for the Y because… I truly enjoy the work that I get to do. To work for children and be able to guide them towards reaching their goals is the most rewarding job I could ask for.

The most fun part about my job is… It enables me to interact with different people and their respective communities. One of the things I find most interesting in life is meeting new people from various backgrounds and learning new things from them. The host position at Santa Maria allows me to do this with different groups coming in weekly, and because of that I enjoy my job even more.

The most meaningful part of my job is… Being a positive role model for the next generation as well as creating motivation and happiness for the kids.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned while working at the Y is… Everyone has a story and you can learn from them regardless of background and appearance.


Name: Elizabeth Baker

This time of year, Elizabeth Baker is a busy woman. Working in the Y's business office, Elizabeth works with members and program participants who need financial assistance to participate in our programs. During summer, she helps ensure that hundreds of kids are able to come to camp with the help of Y scholarships. Elizabeth is our connection to the people who need our resources and offerings the most. Elizabeth's genuine and kind sensibilities make her the perfect person to be the face and voice of Y scholarships. Plus, her mastery of paperwork is enviable.

How long have you worked for the Y? Started in 1994 and been in Boulder since 2010.

I work for the Y because… I love the staff, the members and how the Y helps people.

The most fun part about my job is… The people that I meet.

Favorite restaurant: The house of anyone in my family (they always have tequila and BBQ).

The most meaningful part of my job is… Possibilities. Knowing that a parent can have peace of mind to go to work (using Y's school-age programs and summer camp as child care), knowing that someone who has cancer can still bring their kids to programs and not feel like their kids are giving up everything, knowing that a single mom can take a break and her child can play with other kids (in Child Watch). Knowing that a child, who has more responsibilities than any child should — can go to camp and just be a kid.

Favorite way to relax: Hanging with the kids.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned while working at the Y is… Few people are who they seem on the outside. Everyone has a story, but you seldom know the story until you get to know them… and then you see that even the most well put-together person on the outside, struggles on the inside.

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