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Grant & Maggie: Living Our Cause

Oct 5, 2015, 14:53 PM by

Grant Medina and Maggie Cline have two very different jobs — but they both work diligently to provide our members and program participants with support, smiles and solutions.


Name: Grant Medina

Grant is the YMCA of Boulder Valley's Associate Program Director of Fitness. That means he manages the fitness staff and programming at the Arapahoe Y, and he makes sure that our members feel supported and motivated as they work toward their fitness goals.

How long have you worked for the Y? Two years

Favorite movie: Night at the Roxbury

I work for the Y because... I enjoy my staff and the members I serve.

Favorite sports team: Go Broncos!

The most fun part about my job is… Establishing relationships with our members. We have a very diverse demographic with many stories to tell. I love to learn about people's lives.

The most meaningful part of my job is… Creating an impact on an individual's day. Something as simple as remembering a member's name, saying hello or asking how their weekend was may brighten up their day just a bit more.

Favorite restaurant: Pinche Tacos

The biggest lesson I've learned while working at the Y is… Every task, big or small, is an opportunity.

Name: Maggie Cline

Maggie Cline, accounting manager, is a busy woman. As a 23-year Y employee, she spends her time trying to trouble shoot problems, fixes transactions and ensure members accounts are correct. In fact, she is so busy helping our staff and members that she didn't have time to answer the questions for the Living Our Cause award. So instead, we decided we would have people talk about her... Here are three staff members speaking about Maggie.

"Maggie is always there when we need her. We can always go to her with questions, and she’s happy to help. She can fix anything. We love Maggie." —Karen Sherman, Membership Director-Training/Operations

"Maggie is invaluable. She is dedicated and hard working, and she knows the Efinesstri software system (our registration system) inside and out. As other finance staff have come and gone, she always picks up whatever needs done and 'embraces’ my words — 'This is a new opportunity and challenge for you' — with only a slight eye roll. I truly appreciate her ability to come in and get her job done and to pleasantly and professionally work with the multitude of staff members over the years. She goes above and beyond her duties: continuously meeting with or speaking to our Spanish-speaking members and driving to Mapleton to meet one-on-one as needed. We have gone through many changes together, and we have been part of growing from a $3 million association to an almost $10 million one. It's been great to have someone to go through the ups and downs with over 20 years!" —Rhonda Stum, Chief Financial Officer

"Maggie is one of the hardest working staff I have ever had the pleasure of working with at the YMCA. With 23 years of experience, she has become the go-to person for many other staff, making her a very busy, highly valued employee. Although she often keeps to herself (so she can stay focused on getting the job done), she is always willing to share a good laugh with others." —Ellyn Garcia, Sr. VP of Human Resources

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