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Jessica & Danielle: Living Our Cause

Nov 2, 2015, 14:14 PM by

The YMCA of Boulder Valley now has about 500 to 700 employees (depending on the season), and hundreds more volunteers. That's a lot of paperwork, a lot of training, a lot of people who need to feel valued and informed (and get paid!).

That's where Danielle Armbruster and Jessica Clay come in. They both work in the Human Resources Department of the YMCA of Boulder Valley.

Armbruster, benefits director, ensures employees get their paychecks and benefits. She's the keeper of the employee files, and she answers tons and tons of questions about payroll. When the Longmont YMCA became a part of the YMCA of Boulder Valley this fall, Armbruster was also responsible for bringing more than 120 Longmont employees onto the YMCA of Boulder Valley payroll.

Clay, the director of volunteer services, works diligently to recruit, train and manage the volunteers of the YMCA. This fall, she's helping to ensure that the Y's Safety Around Water Program has volunteer support to teach local children water safety skills.

Learn more about this month's Living Our Cause winners below. (Their photos were taken at the Y Splash Gala this month.)


Name: Danielle Armbruster

How long have you worked for the Y? I’ve worked for the YMCA of Boulder Valley since January 2006. Before that, I worked at the YMCA of Central Stark County in Ohio from October 2003-December 2005

I work for the Y because… I believe the Y makes a difference in this community, and I enjoy being a part of that.

My hobbies include... Being a mom.

The most fun part about my job is… Working with such an amazing group of people. The staff here is so much fun, and I laugh with them every day.

The most meaningful part of my job is… Making sure the staff who work hard for this organization get their paychecks every other Friday. Overall just being in a role where I can offer support to all of the employees is very fulfilling. Knowing they are out in the community making an impact, it’s an honor to support them.

Favorite way to relax: Sleep! Get a massage, and watch a movie that is not a kids movie.


Name: Jessica Clay

How long have you worked for the Y? 13 years in three different associations in three different states.

I work for the Y because… I want to make a difference in the community. I know it sounds hokey, but I don’t want to contribute to someone’s bottom line, I want to make the world a better place.

The most fun part about my job is… Meeting new people and figuring out what they can share with our YMCA. I’m a matchmaker! I match the interests, skills and passions of our prospective volunteers to unique opportunities and needs in our YMCA and community.

The most meaningful part of my job is… Saying, "Thank you." Every word of gratitude is sincere, and I enjoy watching our volunteers get the recognition they deserve.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned while working at the Y is… It’s a team effort. If we each do a little bit, in an area we enjoy, big things can happen! I look at our pool bubble and the kindergarteners in our Safety Around Water Program and the volunteers helping them learn self-rescue skills, and I see the framework of our Development Department and Board of Directors who helped raise the money and our school-age programs staff who brought the idea to the school district and our aquatics instructors who taught our volunteers… We are one big team, making it all happen. Darn, I sound like I drank too much Kool Aid!

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