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Zach & Mel: Living Our Cause

Apr 4, 2016, 14:16 PM by

This month's Living Our Cause award winners are Melanie Huggins, senior director of YMCA sports/ice programs, and Zach Goodwin, site director at Flatirons Elementary.

Congrats to these deserving staff members.



Zach Goodwin

How long have you worked for the Y? 3 and a half years

I work for the Y because… I love having a positive impact on the kids in our community.

The most fun part about my job is… Playing different sports and games that engage the kids every day.

The most meaningful part of my job is… Building relationships with the kids and families I work with.

Favorite hobbies include: Playing piano, doing yoga, hanging out with friends.

Favorite band: Lake Street Dive.

Favorite fruit: Pineapple.

Favorite color: Green.

Favorite sports team: New England Patriots.

Favorite restaurant: Kitchen Next Door.

I would love to travel to: Peru.


Melanie Huggins 

How long have you worked for the Y? 8 years total, and 4 years at the YMCA of Boulder Valley.

I work for the Y because… Eight years ago, I needed a job after college, so I worked at my local Y until I found a “real job.” Little did I know that I would find some amazing mentors who would coach me into the Y’s cause.

The most fun part about my job is… Saturday morning game day! If you haven’t experienced this yet, you need to…

The most meaningful part of my job is… No matter what their skill level, experience, financial status or background, everyone has a place in the Y and especially in sports!

The biggest lesson I’ve learned while working at the Y… A lot of what happens in the world of sports is out of my control. To be successful, I need to focus on what I can control and let the rest of the pieces fall into place.

Favorite band: The Beatles.

Favorite movie: I. LOVE. MOVIES… I can’t pick just one, so here is the short list of movies that I could watch every day for the rest of my life: The Sandlot, Goonies, A League of Their Own and Toy Story

Favorite sports team: Pittsburgh Steelers, of course!

Favorite restaurant: The Hot Dog Shoppe (it’s a Western PA thing).


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