Arapahoe Y Facility Notice: The basketball gym and group exercise studio will close 8am on Sept 19 through Sept 22. The Spirit, Mind, Body Studio will close 8am on Sept 20 through Sept 23. Locker rooms closed Sept 21-22. Stairway closed Sept 19, 7-10pm.

2016 Camp Photo Diary: Week 5

Jul 1, 2016, 16:54 PM by

Week 5 of summer camp has come and gone, which means we are nearly half way through with this summer camp season. It's kind of sad…let's not even think about it. Let's think happy thoughts, like teaching kids confidence, resilience, leadership and values with the help of LEGOs, horses, baseball, cooking, climbing and tie dye. Here's a look…

ymca-summer-camp-lego ymca-summer-camp-rockies-cheer ymca-summer-camp-rock-group ymca-summer-camp-climbing ymca-summer-camp-cooking  ymca-summer-camp-climberymca-summer-camp-tie-dye-groupymca-summer-camp-legos  ymca-summer-camp-tie-dye ymca-summer-camp-rock-climbingymca-summer-camp-fans ymca-summer-camp-teen-smilesymca-summer-camp-stadium ymca-summer-camp-baseball-game ymca-summer-camp-rockies-sign ymca-summer-camp-rockies-game  ymca-summer-camp-helmet ymca-summer-camp-skateboarder  ymca-summer-camp-sports ymca-summer-camp-bikesymca-summer-camp-at-bat ymca-summer-camp-swing ymca-summer-camp-skateboardsymca-summer-camp-homerun ymca-summer-camp-teensymca-summer-camp-baseball ymca-summer-camp-horse-rescue ymca-summer-camp-pet-horse  ymca-summer-bowlingymca-summer-camp-horse-teens  ymca-summer-camp-horse  ymca-summer-camp-cycling

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