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2016 Camp Photo Diary: Week 8

Jul 29, 2016, 16:44 PM by

Action, adventure and achievement. That's what we promised campers this summer.

Sure, action and adventure make sense. It's camp! There's no limit to the games, excursions, fields trips and exploration that happens on a daily basis.

But what about achievement?

Our summer camps give kids opportunities to try their hand at countless new skills. From nature survival skills to stand-up paddleboarding to archery to soccer, the Y creates an environment that allows kids to feel safe and comfortable, letting them be themselves and try new things. Sometimes they excel, sometimes they don't. But either way, they have a chance to take a risk and feel good about the individual gains they achieve.

Is your child in need of action, adventure and achievement? There's still time to sign up for YMCA day camps and YMCA Camp Santa Maria.

ymca-camp-santa-mariaymca-camp-soccer-kickymca-camp-archeryymca-camp-carnival-pigs ymca-camp-baseball-back  ymca-camp-biking ymca-camp-carnival-ball ymca-camp-carnival-dunk ymca-camp-baseballymca-camp-carnival-games  ymca-camp-friends ymca-camp-group-ride ymca-camp-nature-branch ymca-camp-nature-group ymca-camp-nature ymca-camp-riding   ymca-camp-soccer ymca-camp-teen-baseball

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