4 Ways to Put Your Fitness on Ice

Aug 21, 2017, 15:28 PM by Sarah Seibold

Are you in a fitness rut? It’s time to turn to the ice.

I’m not talking about cones of ice cream or glasses of iced tea. I’m talking about using the ice rink at the Arapahoe Y to cool off your fitness routine — or at the very least, change it up.

Here are a few tips to keep you and your family fit and healthy with the help of our ice programs.

Try ice programs at the Y

1. Skate, glide or leap into a fun workout

Get this: Constant skating for an hour will burn between 400 and 600 calories. The Y’s Recreational Skating sessions are free to members, so why not mix up your workout and get on the ice? The Carlston Ice Arena welcomes people of all ages and skill levels. 

If it’s your first time skating, ask one of the friendly skating attendants to give you a few tips on how to move forward. A great exercise for beginners is the “scooter push.” Start with your feet together and arms in front of you. Bend your knees and use the inside of one foot to push yourself forward to a gliding position, just like riding a scooter. This exercise is great for quads and glutes, not to mention helping you harness skills like balancing while also improving endurance. Play around with alternating feet or just using one foot to cover an expanse of ice. Speeding up or slowing down will also help you gain more muscle control. 

Take a look at our schedule and see when the next Rec Skate is.

2. Take your skills to the next level with Skate Fitness

If you are comfortable on the ice, Skate Fitness is an excellent workout that will challenge you and get you moving.

This is a drop-in class that combines music and skating moves to help develop cardiovascular fitness while toning your lower body. As is common in skating, there is a strong emphasis on balance and muscle control with each move. In an effort to combine exercise with the artistic and graceful side of skating, some work on flexibility is included as well. 

This class allows you to skate at your own pace but still encourages you to push yourself as you explore new muscles and how they work together on the ice. Hockey and figure skates are accepted in this class.

Visit our schedules page to find an upcoming class.

3. Try a private lesson with a family member

Everybody falls on their first time on the ice, so why not grab a family member to take a private lesson with you? That way, you can both fall and laugh together!

Private and semi lessons are a great way to work on basic skating fundamentals with an instructor who can really give you individualized attention and help. Try it with your child or with a friend. 

Having two kids at a lesson can make it more fun for them and can help foster their interest in the sport later on in life. A private lesson is also helpful to remove fears of falling while on ice. A good level of comfort is key to having fun while on the ice. 

Additionally, recreational skating can be a fun and useful pastime. Colorado has many outdoor ice rinks that open during the winter months and ice rinks are popular places for birthday parties. 

4. Get your kids on the ice

Your kids have tried soccer and basketball and tennis and…

But have they tried ice sports? 

Start with a Learn to Skate program to help them learn the fundamentals (classes available for both kids and adults). Once they feel comfortable, the Y's Try Hockey For Free Program is offered regularly for kids ages 4-17. It is a free program that allows kids to get out on the ice in real gear and learn the fundamentals of hockey in a group setting. 

Playing hockey requires two things: the ability to skate well and the ability to handle a puck with ease. Try Hockey For Free instructors will focus on both aspects of the game, even touching on game strategy. This is a great opportunity to let your kids try out a new sport without having to invest in gear and lessons. The YMCA has equipment available for use as well as skates. 

Check the website to see when the next Try Hockey For Free day is and how to register.

No matter how comfortable or uncomfortable you feel on the ice, trying something new is always a great way to stay in shape while working new muscles.

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