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Volunteers of the Month: Jose and Angelina Mendez

Aug 28, 2018, 10:26 AM by Y Staff

Meet Angelina and Jose Mendez, the sister and brother duo who volunteer each week at the Food Project Farm at the Longmont YMCA

Jose and Angelina Mendez volunteer in the YMCA Food Project Farm

How long have you volunteered for the Y? "We have about 10 years volunteering for the Y in Longmont. Ten years ago, we meet Jessica Collins at the Y, and since then we started volunteering as translators, and teaching a nutritional class called Salsa Sabor y Salud."

I support the Y by: "We started helping people to get connected to the Y programs and activities. For example, by helping out translating, we help others to understand the values of the Y. We experienced that by helping others, we build stronger community relationships between all of its members."

We volunteer with the Y because: "We think that the Y is a model organization of people who develop inclusiveness by teaching activities oriented to improve mind and spirit." 

Why volunteering is important to me? "Volunteering is important for us because by doing it we are sending the message that we support these programs. We strongly believe that when the members of a community join their efforts to do something better outcomes will result."

Advice for others: "We strongly advise others to participate in different volunteering activities available in our Longmont Y. By volunteering in any of the Y's programs, you will feel a sense of ownership and the satisfaction of helping others."

Our favorite part of volunteering: "There are many awesome feelings when you volunteer. Some of our favorites include: the satisfaction of helping others, the sensation of ownership and belonging to the Y. Volunteering makes stronger communities and seeing kids having fun in the vegetable garden is fantastic!"

Why We Love Jose and Angelina Mendez

"Jose and Angelina Mendez have been dedicated volunteers at the Longmont Y for over a decade. This sibling duo has given time and talent in maintaining our farm, weeding to harvest. They do it all! Jose and Angelina are a valued part of our Y family. We are grateful for all that they do to help our farm continue to feed people in need throughout our community!" —Jessica Collins, Executive Director of the Longmont Y

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