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From Couch to Classes at the Longmont Y

Jan 29, 2019, 14:50 PM by

Here's What Happened When One Member Ditched the Elliptical and Changed Her Mind About Group Exercise Classes

A few years ago, you’d never find me anywhere near a fitness class. A few years before that, you’d never even find me near a gym, but that’s another story. When I joined the Y in Longmont, the closest I would get to a class was a gym window or a glance into the spin class as I walked to my elliptical for another 45-minute workout. 

People workout on ellipticals and bikes at the gym


I had every excuse why I couldn’t join a class. If I’m being honest, it boils down to this: I didn’t believe I could keep up.

There was just something about the group element that made it feel like a performance. I always thought everyone would be looking at me if I wasn’t able to finish those lunges. At least if I were doing a workout on my own, no one would know I was cutting corners. 

But after a while, I became bored. I could only bounce around on the elliptical for so long. So last March, I challenged myself: I was just 5 months away from my wedding, so for 30 days, I would go to classes. Lots of classes. Instead of falling back on the old elliptical routine, I would take whatever fitness class was offered. 

What I found was a whole new routine.

I found a unique and special little family of people who became friends, not just people in a cycling or BodyPump class. They've quickly become part of the community that makes Longmont home for me, not just a place to live. 

I also found a workout that challenged me in the best ways. My excuses slowly evolved into excitement, the thing I feared evolved into my favorite thing to do. Most mornings by 5:30, I’m at the Y with Khris. I’ll take two classes a day on weekends: cycling + pump on Saturday, cycling + abs on Sunday. 

I moved from the couch to classes because it’s more than a workout — it’s a welcome squad. It’s a reminder that in your pursuit of fitness, you’re not alone. 

Our Y is a safe place to try new things. Y fitness classes are built for people at every position in their fitness journey. We’re in this together — two classes a day or 20 minutes on the elliptical. 

Katrina Kibben is a YMCA of Northern Colorado member, enjoying all the classes she can at the Longmont Y. She's also the founder of Three Ears Media

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