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Five Reasons to Consider Working Out With a Personal Trainer

Dec 2, 2020, 12:01 PM by Kari Ann Kleiman

Working out can be difficult. Trust me, I know. Life comes at you from every direction and can knock you down in the blink of an eye. Now add COVID-19 to that… Wow!

man works out with band while trainer walks by

In the time of COVID, how do you know you are ready to go back to the gym? And could a personal trainer be key to making the transition back into a fitness routine?

My fitness is no longer what it was; COVID-19 took that from me, just as it did for many others. To me, finding my fitness again is part of getting my life back. By allowing myself to step out of my newfound comfort zone, I can learn that a personal trainer is here to help me. Their job is to help me become a better me.

The YMCA of Northern Colorado is here to help connect you with a personal trainer who can motivate you out of your COVID slump. It has a wide variety of personal trainers to help people from all walks of life. Even if you are like me — scared to leave the house and surrounded by food 24/7 — a trainer may just be the solution to reclaiming your wellness.

Not sure if a personal trainer is right for you? Here are five ways Y trainers can help you get your life back on track:


You want to achieve sweet goals, but you don't know where to start. Sometimes all it takes is the presence of someone who is encouraging. Trainers can kick start your engagement and give you energy to keep you going. An excellent trainer will help make working out fun and keep you coming back.

"At the Y, we collectively use our programs as vehicles to build people up — spirit, mind and body," says Peggy Merrill, senior health and wellness director for the YMCA of Northern Colorado.


Living in a world of COVID has been challenging. It is hard to stick with a habit and create consistency when you are primarily confined to your home and the routine that once brought consistency to your life is long gone.

However, with trainers, there is someone who can hold you accountable. A trainer is willing to commit to seeing you succeed, and the investment you make in a trainer helps ensure you show up for each session.

Aging Gracefully 

Everyone wants to be forever young (don't forget to sing the song as you read). On the other hand, aging like a fine wine is excellent too (or even cheese… I told you I was surrounded by food). For wine and cheese to age well, they need someone to help with the fine-tuning.

Everyone ages. It is a fact of life. If you care for your body, it will love you back. Trainers can work with and adapt to your body as it ages. Working with a trainer will help to maintain and improve your strength and function, no matter your age.

Specific Training 

Personal trainer and client discuss workout

Personal trainers are here to form a particular program to cater to your needs and goals — whether you want to lose weight and build muscle or you are training for your 10th marathon or working toward your third national championship.

"It is through listening to our clients that we understand their goals, interests, preferences and concerns," Merrill says.

Trainers can help you excel in specific areas. Specific training can cover many sports and fitness areas, such as bodybuilding, tennis, water-related activities, Pilates reformer and soccer.

However, specific training can also be for people who have a medical condition or past injury. With proper training, your body can change beneficially without the worry of injury. 

Fitness Clarity 

Man works out with weights while trainer walks by

It is OK not to know how to work out; that's what trainers are for. Fitness can be confusing and without proper training can lead to injury. Trainers can help you in your journey to set goals and accomplish them by providing you with credible information and direction.

Again, not knowing how to workout is OK! The trainer will teach you proper form, how your muscles work and how to prevent injury, along with providing you with information on how to rest properly. 

Bonus Tip: How could a personal trainer help me and will we click?

Communication is KEY in working with a trainer.

When looking for a trainer, find someone who will listen, pays attention to your needs and values your progress. You should be upfront with the trainer on your medical conditions and limits. By your trainer knowing this, they can help you all the better. 

"Many personal trainers can write up exercise programs for their clients, but a large piece of the pie is their communication with the member," says Mary Baughman, program director of health and wellness at the Ed & Ruth Lehman YMCA in Longmont. "Being a personal trainer at the Y, we spend a lot of time meeting with and listening to members and potential clients. It is important that people feel respected and understood. When we better understand our members, we can tailor our communication to accommodate them. We take the time to show our members that we care to build a trustworthy relationship. Once that piece is complete, then everything after comes easily." 

In the day and age of COVID-19, who couldn't use a trainer? 

Working out can be difficult, and life can knock you down in the blink of an eye. Trainers can keep you accountable, educate you on fitness and form a connection through communication.

Kari Ann Kleiman is a Communication and Marketing Intern at the YMCA of Northern Colorado. 

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