Rising Sophomores  - Seniors

Looking for a way to spend your summer having fun and making a positive impact in a place you love? We’ve got iT!

Our new iT programs were developed as a path to take you from CSM camper to CSM cabin or trip leader. Our iT programs focus on leadership development, giving high schoolers who love camp (that’s you) an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to become a camp staff member. You will gain diverse skill sets, impact-driven leadership experience and incredible memories of summers in the mountains with new friends and mentors.

Our iT programs are based on the grade you are entering in the Fall of 2019. Participating in an iT program is separate from our traditional camp registration. Leader-in-training and counselor-in-training candidates must apply for either program. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. After applying, our director will reach out to schedule a 10- to 15-minute interview to talk about the program and what dates work best for the candidate. You must be accepted into the program before registration occurs. It is a competitive process, and spaces are limited.

The final part of the iT Programs is INTerns (INTs) during your rising senior summer. In order to be an INT at CSM, you must have completed the CiT program.

teens at campLeader-in-Training (LiT): Rising Sophomores

Our LiT program is the first step along the camper-to-staffer path. It is a two-week program for upcoming sophomores that focuses on leadership development in the camp environment. During your two weeks at camp, you and other LiTs will gain knowledge about yourselves, learn how to develop and run camp activities and help out in a variety of areas at camp. This two-week program will also include a four-day backpacking trip that will focus on outdoor leadership.

Summer 2020 rates:

  • Member: $775
  • Non-member: $825

LiT 2020 Dates

  • Session 1: Sunday, June 14–Saturday, June 27
  • Session 2: Sunday, July 5–Saturday, July 18
  • Session 3: Sunday, July 26–Saturday, Aug 8

Not taking applications yet for 2020

The Leader-in-Training program runs in conjunction with the Bold & Gold program.

Bold & Gold

counselors in trainingCounselor-in-Training (CiT): Rising Juniors

Our CiT program was developed for upcoming juniors and is the next step for campers who want to work at camp. CiT is a three-week program that focuses on expanding the leadership development you enjoyed as an LiT. You do not have to complete the LiT program to be a CiT, but it is structured as a pipeline program.

During the first week of the program, you will learn about how a camp is run, what each program at camp focuses on and teaches, and where you fit into that puzzle. You will put your knowledge into practice when you spend your remaining two weeks working alongside cabin or trip leaders in a cabin or outdoor program. You will get to choose if you want to spend both weeks in Traditional Camp, Outdoor Adventure Camp or split between the two camps and experience each program.

The CiT program will serve as an in-summer interview to become an INTern at Camp Santa Maria the following summer.

Summer 2020 rates:

  • Member: $775
  • Non-member: $825

CiT 2020 Dates

  • Session 1: Sunday, June 7–Saturday, June 27
  • Session 2: Sunday, June 28–Saturday, July 18
  • Session 3: Sunday, July 19–Saturday, Aug 8

Not taking applications yet for 2020

group photo of internsINTerns (INTs): Rising Seniors

INTerns are soon-to-be seniors who want to enjoy camp the summer before they can officially apply to become a Camp Santa Maria staffer. INTs must have completed the CiT program.

As an INT, you will work hard each day but gain satisfaction in knowing you have helped camp function behind the scenes and given back to the camp community. During your time at camp, you and the other INTs will help in all areas of camp, especially in the dining hall, gear garage, camp store, main office and all program areas. INTs will be heavily involved in the evening programs as well.

Being an INT is an amazing opportunity to understand the big picture of camp happenings. It is not a requirement, but it will increase your chance of becoming a staff member at CSM. Being an INT will serve as an in-summer interview before you become a full-fledged cabin or trip leader the following year.

Being an INT offers you an opportunity to give back and serve the camp community for two camp sessions (two weeks). You can sign up for as many INT periods as you like.

INTern 2020 Periods

  • Period 1: Sunday, June 7–Saturday, June 20
  • Period 2: Sunday, June 21–Saturday, July 4
  • Period 3: Sunday, July 5–Saturday, July 18
  • Period 4: Sunday, July 19–Saturday, August 1
  • Period 5: Sunday, August 2–Saturday, August 14

Not taking applications yet for 2020

Weekly Themes

Session 1: Pirates of Danger Lake

Sunday, June 7–Saturday, June 13

Session 2: Realm of Champions

Sunday, June 14–Saturday, June 20

Session 3: Space Wars

Sunday, June 21–Saturday, June 27

Session 4: Time Travelers

Sunday, June 28–Saturday, July 4

Session 5: Camp Santa Maria’s School for Witchcraft and Wizardry

Sunday, July 5–Saturday, July 11

Session 6: Superheroes

Sunday, July 12–Saturday, July 18

Session 7: Welcome to Dystopia

Sunday, July 19–Saturday, July 25

Session 8: Wilder West

Sunday, July 26–Saturday, August 1

Session 9: The Games of Mt. Olympus

Sunday, August 2–Saturday, August 8

Session 10: The Best Week of Camp

Sunday, August 9–Friday, August 14 (Traditional Camp ONLY)

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