Blood Sugar Management: You’re Doing Everything Right, But…

at Arapahoe Y

Join Karrie Bach, Integrative and Functional Medicine Dietitian (and our Best Ever Weight Loss Challenge coach) for this informative nutrition class.

Your Hemoglobin A1C and/or fasting blood sugar is still high? Please join Karrie as she guides you through building an individual nutrition plan to help you work with your body to get your blood glucose within healthy guidelines. Participants will learn how carbs, protein, fats and alcohol affect blood sugar, to calculate individualized macronutrient needs, and tips on additional nutrients and lifestyle hacks that will enhance the body’s natural blood sugar management ability. This class is appropriate for those with a family history of diabetes and for those diagnosed with prediabetes or type II diabetes. To maximize the benefits of this class, please record your food intake for the previous 5 days and bring to class.

Members: $25
Non-members: $35


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