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Join this 6-week fitness program and make 2022 the year of you!

January 31 - March 11, 2022

MOTIVATION CAN BE A MYSTERIOUS MINX. One day, you can’t wait to climb a mountain on the Stairmaster, and the next you can’t muster the motivation to step inside the Y. Excuses creep up, inspiration fades and your fitness routine is officially a fond memory. But it doesn’t have to be so. The Y’s new, researched-backed 22&You program will help you kickstart 2022 with inspiration, fitness tips and tools, prizes and opportunities for group workouts. This 6-week program is all about rekindling your motivation and making wellness a way of life. Whether you are just starting, getting back in the bike saddle or looking for a new challenge, join us to make 2022 the year of you!

Where: All Y locations
When: January 31-March 11, 2022
Cost: $22 (a value of $120)

Select your Y branch below to register. 


  • Pre- and post- InBody Scan (body composition analysis), height and weight. $50 value.
  • Motivation, information and workout opportunities from the Health and Fitness staff to help you complete your weekly goals.
  • Regular opportunities to join other participants in workouts and group exercise classes.
  • A chance to win prizes.
  • Weekly motivational emails to registered participants that includes workout options and tips for the coming week.
  • Workout logs to help you achieve your fitness goals. Download your workout log, print it & start checking off boxes beginning January 31. Workout logs are also available at the front desk. 
Workout Log

During the 6-weeks, this program will be helping you to achieve the following goals:

Week 1:
1x 20-minute min cardio; 1x 20-minute strength; 1x 10-minute core/flexibility

Week 2:
2x 20-minute cardio; 1x 30-minute strength; 1x 20-minute core/flexibility

Week 3:
2x 30-minute cardio, 1x 30-minute & 1x 20-minute strength; 1x 30-minute core/flexibility

Week 4:
2x 30-minute & 1x 20-minute cardio; 1x 60-minute strength; 1x 30-minute core/flexibility

Week 5:
2x 50-minute & 1x 20-minute cardio; 1x 60-minute & 1x 20-minute strength; 1x 60-minute core/flexibility

Week 6: 
2x 60 minute & 1x 30-minute cardio; 1x 60-minute & 1x 30-minute strength; 1x 50-minute core/flexibility

Workout Log

Print your workout log here, or pick up a workout log at the front desk.