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Tired of New Year’s wellness resolutions that never last more than a week? Need some support and guidance as you work to get healthier after the holidays? Ready to make a commitment to your fitness? 

If losing weight is part of your fitness goals, we invite you to join us for the Best Ever Weight Loss Challenge. We have created a results-driven, team-oriented, fun-filled program to help our members stay motivated, supported and connected as they become healthier and stronger in the new year. 

This program is only open to members.

What is the Best Ever Weight Lose Challenge?

This six-week challenge includes all of the motivation and tools you need to reach your health goals. With parties, prizes and a little competition, we help you kickstart your 2019 wellness resolutions. 

The Best Ever Weight Loss Challenge includes:

  • Pre- and post-challenge measurements, including InBody Composition Assessment, waist circumference and weight. 
  • Coaching through our Best Ever Weight Loss Challenge Facebook group from YMCA fitness directors Adam Olson, Mary Baughman and Peggy Merrill as well as nutritionist Karrie Bach and her team at Kore+ Nutrition. This group of pros will provide tips, tricks, inspiration, invites for team workouts and more. To get the full benefit of this program, participants will need access to the Facebook group. You can still register for the program and win the prizes without it, but you will not get the benefit of coaching. 
  • Regular opportunities to join other participants in workouts.  
  • Very cool YMCA T-Shirt
  • A chance to win prizes, including cold hard cash, free Y memberships, program vouchers and personal training sessions!

Fee: $50 per person (valued at $399) 



Registration: Dec 28-Feb 5

Pre-Assessment: Jan 25-Feb 5

After you register, come to any fitness office at any branch to get your assessment Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, throughout the week, or Saturday-Sunday, Jan 26-27, 8am-2pm. If you would like the InBody composition scan, plan on getting your assessment at the Arapahoe Y.  

Kick-off Parties: Feb 1

  • Longmont Y: 2pm
  • Arapahoe Y: 6am, 10am and 6pm
  • Mapleton Y: Noon

Program Dates: Feb 1-March 15 

Post-Assessment: March 15-March 20 

Victory Celebration: March 21 at the Arapahoe Y


Peggy Merrill, Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor

  • BS Exercise and Sport Science
  • With more than 30 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Peggy has helped thousands of people over the years find joy in movement and comfort in their bodies.

Mary Baughman, Certified Personal Trainer and Health Education Specialist

  • BS Community Health, MS Public Health
  • Former Track and Field/ Cross Country Collegiate Athlete and Coach
  • Mary has worked with individuals and communities to improve or maintain their health by engaging in behaviors that promote positive health.

Adam Olson, Certified Personal Trainer

  • BS Exercise and Sport Science
  • Former Collegiate Athlete and Lifetime Health and Fitness Enthusiast
  • Specialties include strength and speed training, team sports, board sports and mountain biking. Adam’s goal is to your curiosity about health and fitness into an obsession by making it welcoming, challenging and fun.

Kore Plus Integrative HealthKarrie Bach, Registered Dietitian and Founder of Kore+ Nutrition Health

Karrie is a registered dietitian with more than 25 years of experience in medical nutrition therapy, integrative and functional nutrition, and health coaching. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Colorado State University and became a registered dietitian through the University of Northern Colorado. Karrie’s philosophy of “one size does NOT fit all” helps her partner with clients in identifying and hurdling barriers to their goals.


The Best Ever Weight Loss Challenge has just a few simple but effective guidelines. Once you register, join our Best Ever Weight Loss Challenge Facebook group, where your coaches will break these guidelines down for you every step of the way.

Designate one day to plan, prep and prepare your meals. We recommend Sunday or Monday. Write out your weekly meal plan and make sure to consider any upcoming special occasions.

Begin a food journal. Write down everything you eat. Yes, everything! Any app or even pencil and paper will work just fine, but we recommend MyFitnessPal. 

Plan to get enough sleep. We recommend six to eight hours per night. If that feels like too big of a step, work on your sleep hygiene to improve your quality of sleep.

Eat more natural, whole foods and less processed foods. Shop on the outer perimeter of your grocery store aiming for whole fruits and vegetables, carbs that are brown and close to the ground, and quality fats and proteins.

Drink more water and fewer caloric beverages. Yes, that includes wine (and other alcoholic beverages) as well as those fancy little creamers that go in coffee.

Slow down! Meals should last at least 20 minutes. Yes, minutes. Your coaches will help you discover the reason why slowing down is so important and how you can add a minute or two to your meals each week. In six weeks, you will be savoring your meals like a Parisian. 

Exercise a minimum of 150 minutes a week. That includes cardio or strength exercises. If you exercise five days a week, aim for getting 30 minutes a day. Look for invites from your coaches for team workouts.  

Self-reflection. We will help in this process. We ask that you check in twice a week with yourself and your coach using the email survey that will be sent to you and contribute once a week in the Facebook group. That means commenting, asking questions or sharing advice. Participants who complete all 3 digital check-ins (2 survey responses, one Facebook interaction) will be eligible for the weekly drawing done on Wednesdays. There will be a winner from each location!