Mapleton Y will be closed Oct 25-Nov 2. Mapleton Y pool is closed indefinitely. Details.

Updated mask information.


Mat Pilates Drop-in Classes

The Y is rolling out the mat for our members. Mat Pilates offers the same benefits and techniques as a Pilates Reformer class but without the equipment. Tone your muscles, increase flexibility, improve mindfulness and control and nurture your connection between your mind and body. Pilates offers a rich and thorough core workout that will leave you strong and well postured. Bonus: Mat Pilates can also help you improve your Reformer work.

Class Schedule


This is a conditioning program that improves muscle control, flexibility, coordination, strength and tone. Based on proper breathing, good posture and intense concentration. Exercises are performed on a mat.

Pilates & Ballet Fusion

Pilates and Ballet Fusion combines ballet poses with Pilates mat exercises to build abdominal and lower back strength while enhance agility and balance.

Pilates & Yoga Fusion

Fused elements of Pilates and Yoga for a balanced strength and flexibility workout.

Pilates Sculpt

This class focuses on muscular conditioning, posture and over balance with the use of various equipment to enhance overall structural training.



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