The Lafayette Y pool will be closed April 1 (at noon) to May 14 for bubble takedown. The Longmont Y pool will be open 6:45-11am on April 1.


This small group training course combines HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), LHS (Lift Heavy Stuff) and Pilates Reformer for a well-rounded workout emphasizing basic fitness, resistance training and small muscle stabilization. We will transition from utilizing free weights on the fitness floor to the Pilates Reformer room. Reformer and Resistance was created for peri/current/post menopausal people, however everyone interested in increasing their fitness is encouraged to join. Make the commitment to yourself and to your group!



The Y offers Pilates Reformer classes at the Boulder, Lafayette and Longmont Ys as well as Mat Pilates classes. Private and semi-private instruction available.

An Important Note About Pilates Reformer Classes: Pilates Reformer classes have a 6-8 person capacity (depending on location) to allow for personal attention and correction from qualified, experienced instructors. As with any physical activity, please consult your health care provider to ensure that Pilates is right for you. Group exercise classes are appropriate for healthy persons without injury. People with injuries should not participate in group classes without permission from their healthcare provider and instructor. People with injuries who wish to explore the rehabilitative qualities of Pilates should begin with private sessions. Participants in classes with injury issues (who are cleared by their healthcare provider) should approach the instructor before class to inform them of their needs or to ask for modifications.

Ultimately, each participant is responsible for their own health and safety within the class. For safety reasons, please plan to come to class at least 5 minutes early. We do not allow participants to join class if they are more than 5 minutes late.