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It’s never too late to boost the health of your brain. Whether you’re worried about dementia or Parkinson’s, you have a history of brain injury or you aren’t feeling as sharp as you once were, this class is for you. Join Karrie Bach, registered dietitian, as we learn about our brain’s changing needs as we age, specific nutrients our brains need to develop new connections and pathways, and healthy habits for mental health. We will also peek into Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s prevention. We’ll meet weekly via Zoom.

Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm, Oct 20-Nov 17

  • Member: $89
  • Non-member: $119



Week One: Know Your Brain

We’ll discuss the five pillars of brain health and what part genetics, lifestyle and hormones play. We’ll also review labs essential to know and introduce our first nutrition principle for optimal brain health. 

Nutrition Principle: Hydration

Participants will calculate their individual hydration needs, and we’ll troubleshoot common hydration issues.

Health Principle

Make a health binder to track labs. Be your best advocate.

Week Two: Blood Sugar Basics

We’ll review how macronutrients affect blood sugar, insulin, hormones and brain health. Participants will calculate their macronutrient needs to help them reach their goals of brain health and beyond. 

Nutrition Principle

Learn about carbs, proteins and fats. Participants will record their intake for three days to learn where their macros are.

Health Principle

How cardio benefits the brain. Participants may choose to set cardio goals for the week. 

Week Three: Anti-inflammatory Diet

Learn about the plant-based principles from those living in ‘Blue Zones,’ who experience very little dementia or other cognitive declines with aging. We will learn strategies for implementing these practices into our meals in a realistic way.

Nutrition Principle

Types of fats and how to begin a plant-based diet. Participants will calculate their fat needs and choose diet or meditation as a weekly goal.

Health Principle

Introducing the Blue Zone Lifestyle: Community, spiritual, nutrition, activity highlight meditation/spiritual practice and allow for time to practice a guided meditation at the beginning of the session as an ice breaker. 

Week Four: Intermittent Fasting

We’ll learn the types of intermittent fasting, which type is most helpful for specific health goals and discuss implementation strategies.

Nutrition Principle

Reiterate the importance of blood sugar control. Participants will decide on intermittent fasting or a community plan for the week. 

Health Principle

Community! Allow time to develop a plan. 

Week Five: Putting it All Together

We will review the five pillars of brain health and how they work together to increase BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), create new connections within the brain while keeping existing brain tissue healthy and lead to powerful memory, concentration and immune system.

Nutrition Principle

Foods to aid sleep.

Health Principle

Participants will set a sleep goal and have resources to assist with this as needed.