Youth Sports Performance Club

Focused on youth and young athletes who are striving to push themselves to achieve personal goals, learn about sports performance, and how to get to the next level. We will teach each athlete how to move properly, develop strength, speed, agility, and the importance of recovery. Through progressive development, our coaches will not only teach proper technique, but make physical fitness engaging and a goal to maintain for life.

Member Price: $50, Non-Member Price: $60

12-16 years old

June 20 - July 29 (6 weeks, meets once a week for 60 minutes)

  • The Johnstown Y will offer two sessions - Tuesdays, 2-3pm & Thursdays, 2-3pm.
  • The Longmont Y will offer one session on Wednesdays, 5-6pm

For questions regarding the program at Johnstown, please contact Brittany Mastin at 720-797-2020, ext 7800 or

For questions regarding the program at Longmont, please contact Jennifer Bero at 303-776-0370, ext 5800 or

Register at Johnstown, Tuesday Sessions

Register at Johnstown, Thursday Sessions

Register at Longmont, Wednesday Sessions

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Vasper ImageVASPER

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5 Steps to Setting “Smart” Goals

Are you setting fitness goals that are smart and SMART? READ MORE

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