CLOSURE UPDATE: Per mandate from Governor Polis, and because it is the right thing to do, our facilities are closed. Check here for COVID-19 updates. We are running licensed summer camps beginning June 1.


Safeguarding Our Ys

The Y is a community, a refuge from the stresses of daily life and a place of balance, wellness and recovery. In the worst of times, we are a safety net and support system that helps our neighbors overcome the most difficult moments of their lives.

We know many of you have concerns about COVID-19, and we want to let you know how we are responding and keeping our facilities safe for you and your families. We will keep this page updated with any changes.

Dear Members, 

I know that we have been updating the website and we have sent out communications about our strategies for safely opening our Ys. However, I wanted to write to you directly. The Ys are clean, they are set up for social distancing and we have literally a ton of sanitizer. We will train the staff in safe opening procedures this week. 

Unfortunately, we still don’t have an opening date from the Governor yet. I honestly believe that is coming shortly because several counties have gyms open now.  

Due to our proximity to Denver and its number of cases, we seem to be a few weeks behind the opening curve. Please read below about how we plan to open and what the expectations will be. As we get word from state and county officials, we will update these expectations with any changes.

I look forward to seeing all of you soon. I also want to thank you those of you who have continued your memberships or who have donated your program fees. Your support has helped to keep us afloat. Unfortunately, we will have to limit our summer day camps, and we have cancelled our resident camp. These are hard programmatic and financial blows to the Y. So your help has been even more appreciated. We will send out donation letters that you can use for tax purposes.  

It’s Fun To Stay 6 Feet Away

Here are just some of the ways we plan to keep our members safe once we are given approval to open our doors for fitness:

Phased Opening - We will open up slowly, cautiously and with great care. We will limit the number of people in our buildings and limit the spaces/equipment/programs that are available. 

Traffic Flow - We will maintain and regulate traffic flow where possible. You will have to help with this and use common sense.  

Staff Precautions - Staff will receive temperature checks everyday before work, and all staff will be required to wear masks.

New Spacing - We will rearrange our equipment and environments to support social distancing. 

Cleaning - We have deep cleaned our facilities and updated our cleaning procedures. We will ensure that equipment is cleaned between uses. There will be a lot of extra cleaning supplies around so you can easily and quickly clean equipment.

Health Screening - Members will go through a health screening questionnaire when they arrive at the Y. 

Here’s what you will be expected to bring:

We will have mats and water bottles for sale at the front desk in case you forget to bring them.

Workout towel - Towel services will not be provided.

Water bottle - Only bottle fillers will be available at this time. Drinking fountains will be closed.

Masks - We do not yet know if members will be required to wear masks while they workout, but they will be strongly encourage you to wear them when they aren't working out.

Lastly, I ask that you please use common sense, be respectful of other people and act in a manner that is comfortable for you. We want you to have a good and safe Y experience! We cannot guarantee that you will be any safer at the Y than you are at a grocery store or park. Ultimately the risk and choice are always yours to take or not to take. If you see someone who is not following the rules, please let a staff member know, and we will respond.


Chris Coker
YMCA of Northern Colorado

More Resources

We will provide communication if the local situation changes. If you want to learn more about COVID-19, we encourage you to get your information from reputable sources: 

Our partners at Children’s Hospital Colorado have provided some helpful resources.

Emergency BVSD Food Distribution

BVSD is distributing food items and fresh produce to families. Visit for more information and updates.

Emergency SVVSD Food Distribution

St. Vrain Valley Schools have food pickup sites where students, families, and staff can receive lunch and breakfast food items. Visit for more information and updates.

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