The Boulder Y is under construction: Find updates here.

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Beginning in late August 2023, the 57-year-old Boulder YMCA will start a new chapter. Construction will begin to transform the Y to better meet the changing needs of the Boulder community.

This renovation will last approximately 6 months and will impact many areas of the current YMCA building. However, the Y will remain open throughout construction. We anticipate some level of disruption during the renovation, but we are committed to minimizing any impact on our members and staff, ensuring a smooth transition throughout the entire process. Our staff will work to shift program and class locations and offer outdoor options, when needed. Remember, construction timelines change, so be patient with us during this time.

Through this project to build a stronger Boulder Y, we will further our commitment to uplifting our neighbors, providing spaces for connection, supporting families and empowering youth. With your help, we can continue to strengthen individuals while strengthening our community.

Find Construction Updates Here

We will list upcoming closures on this webpage as well as on our Facebook page.

Members should also regularly check the schedules page or our app for changes to class locations.


How Will the Y Look Different?

Here are some of the key outcomes of the Boulder Y renovation:

YMCA Inspire Preschool and Infant/Toddler childcare comes to Boulder: To better serve local families in need of early childhood programs, we are adding preschool classrooms as well as an infant and toddler room. An outdoor play space will also be developed. We are thrilled to announce that these new spaces will serve up to 120 little ones.

Additional Childcare & Adult Day Services Space: The Boulder Y’s future childcare center will expand its ability to serve our most vulnerable residents: 150 day campers and 150 children in after school care, as well as 70 adults with disabilities.

Revamped Head Start: We're proud to partner with Boulder County to offer a Head Start program in the Y.

Expansion of Modernized Fitness Area: We're expanding and shifting our fitness area to meet the growing demand for exercise facilities. The renovation includes an increase in size of our group exercise studio, a rejuvenating courtyard space with sunshade and state-of-the-art free weight area.


  • The Carol Grever studio is temporarily closed; all classes have been relocated to other spaces.
  • The east patio is currently undergoing demolition. Noise levels will be high Aug 29-Sept 1 and will impact the cardio/weights area.
  • The Pilates Reformer room is closed; classes are in the Aspen Room.
  • New areas for stretching have been developed.


We will also host Virtual Town Hall meetings for members and staff to learn about the project, understand upcoming changes and hear from our leadership about this new era for the Boulder Y:

Sept 6, 6pm

Nov 8, 6pm

Feb 21, 6pm

If you have questions outside of the virtual town halls, please feel free to contact our CEO, Chris Coker:



Why Is This Renovation Vital for Boulder?

Sitting in the heart of Boulder, the 45,000-square-foot Boulder Y has been in operation for more than 55 years. Today, it serves as a community center and fitness center with a warm water pool, gym, track and exercise spaces and studios.

This facility was built to serve a population of about 100,000 residents — not today’s 325,000. Since its construction, the Boulder Y has adapted to meet community and individual needs during major societal shifts, such as women entering the workforce and innovations in adult and senior wellness. That also includes recent changes in access to quality childcare and early childhood education programs: Before COVID, there was 1 licensed childcare spot for every 2 children in Colorado. Economic challenges and staffing shortages have worsened the situation.

Through this renovation, the Boulder Y will adapt to respond to dire childcare and health equity needs in our community.

How Can You Support the Boulder Y Renovation?

We know many of our members and program participants love the Boulder Y. Some have been members for decades and have fond memories of learning to swim or playing basketball at the Y. Some members even remember the numerous other expansions that this building has undergone over the years.

While this renovation will benefit our community as a whole, we know the construction will not always be easy for our members, participants and volunteers. We need our champions to stay positive, patient, supportive and connected. And truly, we ask you to stay with us. We can’t wait to show you what the future of the Boulder Y looks like.