CLOSURE UPDATE: Per mandate from Governor Polis, and because it is the right thing to do, our facilities are closed. Check here for COVID-19 updates. We are running emergency childcare for any family who needs care.


These are unprecedented times, challenging how the YMCA works to strengthen our community. But we’ve always found ways to help our people and our community in times of crisis. Right now, we are providing emergency childcare for first responders and medical personnel, doing wellness calls to seniors and providing those in need with access to food and essentials. But we can’t do it alone. Whether you’re a member or a staffer, we need you to stay with us.

Here’s how you can help: Be a champion for the Y. Share your story and let the community know why you are staying with us. Below, you'll find tools to spread the word about our impact.


Facebook Cover Photo

  1. Download the Facebook Cover Image to your computer.
  2. On your Facebook page, hover over your cover photo and click Update Cover Photo in the top left.
  3. Click Upload Photo/Video to upload the YMCA FB Banner image your previously saved from your computer. You can also click Choose From Photos if you've already uploaded the image to your Facebook Page.
  4. After choosing th photo, click the photo and drag it up or down to reposition it.
  5. Click Save.

Facebook Profile Frame

  1. Click here and search YMCA of Northern Colorado.
  2. Choose the Stay With the YMCA frame.
  3. Reposition your photo.
  4. Click “Use as Profile Picture.”

Instagram Story Templates

  1. Save the Instagram Story Conversation starter. 
  2. Upload to your Instagram stories.
  3. Add in your answers.
  4. Add to your Instagram Story. Make sure to tag other accounts and add your thoughts for others. 

LinkedIn Background

Can only be done from full desktop site; not mobile.

  1. Download the YMCA Stay With Us LinkedIn banner.
  2. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  3. Click View profile.
  4. Click the Edit icon (pencil image on the right side of the page next to the “more” button).
  5. In the Edit intro pop-up window, click the Edit (pencil) icon on the top right corner of your background photo.
  6. Select the YMCA Stay With Us LinkedIn banner from your computer to upload and click Open.
  7. Click Apply.
  8. Click Save.