2019 summer camps to be announced in February.

2018 Camps

Y Riders Cycling Camps has taught kids and teens to ride successfully and safely for more than 25 years. The unique progression of the Y Riders camps allows riders to come back year after year and gain new skills and experiences. Starting in first grade, children can learn how to ride a two-wheeler in Learn to Bike Camp and build their skills in Y Riders Basic Skills. Junior Y Riders and Local Adventures camps teach skills in path riding and mountain biking. Small groups with low ratios provide the perfect environment for campers to learn safe biking and build their skills. Our staff has extensive experience in biking and working with groups of campers.


  • Pre-Camp Care: 8:00am-9:00am
  • Y Riders Cycling Camp: 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Post-Camp Care: 4:00pm-5:00pm

Camp is officially 9:00am-4:00pm. However, we offer pre- and post-camp options for families that need additional child care before and/or after camp. Pre- and post-camp is optional, and there is no additional cost.


Manhattan Middle School, 290 Manhattan Dr, Boulder (Session 11 at the Mapleton Y)

Register Early! Classes and camps are very small due to individual attention given to cyclists.

Learn to Bike Camp (Entering 1st-3rd Grade)

This camp is designed for campers still on training wheels or struggling to ride independently on a two-wheeler. This Y program has a 100 percent success rate in teaching campers to ride without training wheels. Campers get support with a low child-to-staff ratio in a small camp environment. Equipment Required: A helmet and bike small enough that your child can firmly touch the ground while seated, water bottle, 30 SPF sunscreen and lunch.

  • Member: $295
  • Non-member: $345

Session 2: June 4-8

Session 4: June 18-22

Session 10: July 30-Aug 3

Y Riders Basic Skills Camp (Entering 1st-3rd Grade)

This camp progresses into teaching basic bike handling and safety skills. Riders will progress to beginning mountain bike skills, becoming confident riders who are capable of both on-road and light off-road riding. This is a great camp for those who have just graduated from our learn to bike program. Equipment Required: Properly sized bike and a helmet, water bottle, 30 SPF sunscreen and lunch.

  • Member: $295 (Session 6: $236)
  • Non-member: $345 (Session 6: $276)

Session 3: June 11-15

Session 6: July 2-6
No camp July 4.

Junior Y Riders Camp (Entering 3rd-5th Grade)

Our one-week cycling camp is designed to build camper confidence in path/street riding and mountain biking. Kids will be introduced to standard mountain biking skills and learn how to properly and safely navigate the Boulder Creek Path. Campers need to have the skill to ride in a straight line and navigate twists and turns of bike paths to enroll. Equipment Required: Properly sized bike (gears highly suggested) and helmet, water bottle, 30 SPF sunscreen and lunch. Bicycle inspection form required.

  • Member: $295 (Session 1: $236)
  • Non-member: $345 (Session 1: $276)

Session 1: May 29-June 1
No camp May 28.

Session 5: June 25-29

Session 7: July 9-13

Session 11: Aug 6-10

Y Riders Local Adventures Camp (Entering 5th-9th Grade)

During this two-week camp, beginner to intermediate level riders will travel to destinations around Boulder County on trips of a minimum of 10 miles, gradually increasing in distance. This camp has a focus on mountain biking while including instruction on climbing and distance riding. We will plan a ride to Ora Penn for an overnight on the second Thursday night. Campers must demonstrate maturity and skill to participate in the overnight ride. Equipment Required: Properly sized mountain bike with a minimum of 15 speeds and a helmet, water bottle, 30 SPF sunscreen and lunch. Bicycle inspection form required.

  • Member: $545 (two-week fee)
  • Non-member: $615 (two-week fee)

Sessions 8 & 9: July 16-20 and July 23-27

5 Ways Summer Camp Benefits Your Kids

May 12, 2015, 17:00 PM by Emily Sampl

Each and every summer, hundreds of kids trek off to one of the YMCA of Boulder Valley’s sports camps, day camps or overnight camps. Besides simply getting kids out of the house and into a safe, supervised environment as well as keeping them active during the summer months, YMCA camps also provide kids the opportunity to learn lifelong lessons and interact with different groups of kids than they might see at school. Our YMCA Camp Santa Maria staff see five major benefits for kids involved in these camps:

  1. Developing self-efficacy.

At camp, we can allow kids to try new things and build their skills based on real feedback and personal choices. We try to give descriptive praise rather than evaluative praise, so the kids can see and hear praise based on what they did rather than simply "good job." Campers see that they will be recognized for their actual skills, not just blanket comments that cover everyone. Self-efficacy is more important than self-esteem, which often relies on external praise for a child's development.


  1. Risk-taking in a safe environment.

We allow kids to take some risks at camp; it could be trying rock climbing, dance, art, canoeing or singing in front of the whole camp. The staff is there to keep the kids safe, emotionally and physically, and to allow the kids to experience failure. When the kids do experience failure, we want to see that failure as a step to skill development and potential mastery.

  1. Making and building friendships.

We focus on getting kids to meet new people who might not be in their normal social circles and have conversations with kids about important things. Conversations, like what it means to be a friend and what it means to be caring or respectful. Each small group of kids gets the chance to interact with other people face-to-face. Many times, friendships formed at camp can last a lifetime.

  1. Learning new skills.

At Camp Santa Maria, kids have the opportunity to make choices about what they want to try, and they can do it once or multiple times each day. The kids are not locked into the roles they usually are in at school, and many activities are things they can't do at home or school like art, archery, canoeing, kayaking, sling-shots, dance or exploring nature.

  1. FUN! Or FUNN – Functional Understanding Not Necessary.

Sometimes we do things just for fun. Playing for the sake of playing.

Emily Sampl is a YMCA of Boulder Valley aquatics staff member and freelance writer. 

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