Reservations are required for independent workouts. ReserveOur Ys are open with temporarily reduced hours. Please check our reopening guide for policies before you arrive.


COVID Refund and Credit Policy for Y Programs (Effective 11/4/2020)

The COVID Refund and Credit Policy for Y Programs supersedes the YMCA of Northern Colorado’s existing refund/credit policy. This policy applies to registration in the following programs: Health/Fitness, Sports, Aquatics, Ice, Preschool, Youth and Teen Programs and Adult Programs. This policy does not apply to Y membership or YMCA Camp Santa Maria.


Safety Protocols

Please review our safety protocols including check-in/check-out processes, mask use, cleaning procedures and more.

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Our Staff

Programs are led by a YMCA director-qualified staff with related program experience. We meet the State of Colorado’s 1 to 15 staff/child ratio requirement — another way we work to assure a positive place for your child.

Financial Assistance

Y financial assistance participants may register online after their financial assistance has been approved. CCAP participants may not register online but must use the online ePACT system for required medical and emergency contact information and policy agreements. CCAP participants must attend all days they are registered for. CCAP participants will be billed for unexcused absences.

Paper registration forms are available for CCAP participants and upon request. Contact the Business Office at 303-443-4474 ext. 1295 or email.

Financial Assistance

District Staff Discounts

Thompson School District school staff are eligible for a 25% off discount. Teachers are also eligible for free child care for the already scheduled teacher in-service days where staff are required to work in their buildings during the school year.

Contact the Business Office at 303-443-4474 ext. 1295 or email to register.


The YMCA of Northern Colorado has adopted ePACT, a secure emergency network that we use to collect medical and emergency contact information electronically. Your child will not be able to particpate in Y programs without the required paperwork. 

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Supplemental Health Information

You must complete a state licensed asthma and/or allergy health care plan form and the YMCA’s medical authorization form for any condition requiring medication or emergency treatment.

Medication Release

Colorado Asthma Form

Colorado Allergy and Anaphylaxis Form

New Late Fee Policy

If you register within two business days of your child’s first day in our program, you will be charged a $70 late fee in addition to the $85 registration fee. The Y is licensed by the State of Colorado, and we must adhere to staffing ratios. Because of this, immediate care may not be available for your child if you register within two business days of the first day of care and you will be charged the late fee.

Parent Handbook

Please review all policies in the Parent Handbook prior to attending any YMCA School Age Programs.

Parent Handbook

Changes & Cancelations

Fill out this form if you need to make a change or cancelation. Please note: All forms must be received by the 15th of the month to change or cancel your plan for the upcoming month; otherwise you will be charged for the upcoming month.

Change/Cancel Form

Support & Assistance

The Y welcomes children of all abilities. Families with Children with disabilities are asked to complete the Support & Assistance Questionnaire when submitting registration. The SAQ is designed to help us gain a better understanding of your child’s needs and strengths and to help us identify the specific supports and assistance that may be needed for your child to safely and successfully participate in activities and programs. The Y offers additional supports and assistance in small group settings. In a small group context, children must be able to safely and cooperatively participate in program activities such as community field trips, swimming, and outdoor sports and games. Children must also be able to reliably follow directions and cooperate with guidelines regarding their safety and well-being and the safety and well-being of others. Email us for the Support & Assistance Questionnaire.