FACILITY NOTICE: The Arapahoe Y pool will be closed Nov 10-19 for bubble installation.


YMCA youth programming isn’t just kids stuff. We have an expanding array of offerings for the tween and teen in your life. From before school to Friday night, the Y offers fun, engaging, character-focused programs developed specifically for young adults.

Our caring, dedicated staff is there to listen to participants and help them navigate the stresses, changes and choices that come with adolescence. Building relationships with these responsible adults and with other young people from different backgrounds help give preteens the inner strength to avoid destructive behavior. Young people have more fun and learn more when they can take the lead in planning and directing their own programs, and the Y provides this opportunity.

Middle School Day Off Camps for BVSD

Camps will include field trips, cooking and unique activities geared toward getting middle schoolers engaged, energized and excited.

Teen Night Out

Too old for a babysitter but too young to drive? Teen Night Out is a free program open to 6th-10th graders. Participants will get a chance to meet people from different schools, try their hand at new skills and discover the world outside their phones.

Saturday Night Y (6th-10th Grade)

It’s Saturday night, and it’s time to paaarrrtttay! And by party, we mean it’s time to hang out with friends in a welcoming environment, play games, meet new people, go swimming and ice skating, play laser tag, dance and eat food. Ain’t no party like a YMCA party, because a YMCA party stops at 10pm and has supportive and attentive Y staff leadership. Saturday Night Y takes place the third Saturday of each month at the Arapahoe Y. 7:00-10:00pm. Fee: $25

Red Cross Babysitting Certification

Gain the confidence to make smart decisions and stay safe in any babysitting situation. We cover the basics such as feeding, diapering and safety.

Teen Department

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