Get 25% Off Select Private Sessions

Nov 21-Dec 2

Just in time for the holiday season! You can enjoy support, accountability and expertise from a certified personal trainer, Pilates reformer instuctor or swim instructor. Reach your goals with the help of their assessment, hands-on assistance and inspirational coaching.

personal training at the ymca

Personal Training

Enjoy one-on-one exercise with a certified personal trainer, who will help you reach your goals through assessment, motivation, hands-on assistance and instruction. Great for beginners, advanced exercisers and experienced athletes wanting to fine-tune their workout. Available in 30 minute and 60 minute sessions. For ages 13+.

Semi-private personal training not included. Sessions are non-refundable. Sessions expire Nov 13, 2020.

Personal Training - Arapahoe

Personal Training - Longmont

Personal Training - Mapleton

pilates reformer at the ymca

Private Pilates Reformer

Private Pilates Reformer sessions are the best way to exponentially improve your Pilates practice. You can work at a pace other than the one offered in group classes or address specific issues or exercises. Available in 30 minute and 60 minute sessions. For ages 13+.

Semi-private Pilates reformer lessons not included. Sessions are non-refundable. Pilates reformer sessions expire Nov 13, 2020.

Private Pilates - Arapahoe

Private Pilates - Longmont

Private Pilates - Mapleton

private swim lessons at the ymca

Private and Semi-private Swim Lessons

Need one-on-one instruction to help you or your child get pool confident and water safe? Want to improve your stroke technique to make swimming a part of your wellness routine? Do your kids need more focused attention from an instructor? We get it! Private and semi-private swim lessons are a great way to see definitive progress in your swimming skill and confidence. Available in 30 minute and 45 minute sessions. For all abilities, ages 3+.

Sessions are non-refundable. Swim lessons expire May 31, 2020.

Private Swim Lessons - Arapahoe

Private Swim Lessons - Longmont

Private Swim Lessons - Mapleton