From yoga to cycling, the Y’s health and fitness programs help people at any stage of life or level of fitness build positive health habits. Throughout the northern Front Range of Colorado and Southern Wyoming, YMCA wellness programs offer youth and adults opportunities for community, well-being, increased self-confidence and a new-found feeling of strength.

Fitness Classes

The Y offers group exercise classes for all levels and interests. From sweat-inducing strength-training classes to joyful dance classes to balance classes for those who want to be steadier on their feet, our instructors bring movement, music and muscle.

Rec Activities

If you love team sports, rec activities at the Y will provide you with opportunities to move, connect with other members and compete in a fun, social atmosphere. 

Personal Instruction

Get the one-on-one support you need to reach your wellness goals. From working with a personal trainer or private Pilates reformer instructor to trying your free Smart Start sessions, the Y is here to make the most of your membership. 

Prevention & Healing

These classes offer support to people who are looking to prevent disease or falls, recover from illness or injury or work through the deficiencies caused by their conditions.

Youth Fitness

At the Y, kids are a part of everything we do. And that includes our fitness offerings! Our youth fitness programs allow kids to stay active and develop skills in tumbling, karate, boxing or strength training. 

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