Facility Notices: The Longmont Y pool reopens April 16. The Arapahoe Y pool closed for bubble removal, April 24 (noon)-May 2.

Our Ys are open with newly expanded hours. Please check our reopening guide for programs that still require reservations and policies.


Group Exercise Classes & Other Schedules

Group exercise, gym activities and ice schedules are below. Reservations are required for all group exercise classes. Reservations begin 48 hours prior to class start time. Please cancel your reservation if you are unable to attend, so another member may enjoy the class. Visit our Virtual Y page for virtual classes.

Other Reservations

Make reservations for Lap Swim, Family Swim (Johnstown Y only), Child Watch (Johnstown Y only), Adult Rec Hockey, Stick & Puck Hockey and Events through Appointment Plus.

Appointment Plus

Group Exercise Reservations

Make reservations for group exercise classes below. You will need to create a login the first time you use this system. You should receive a confirmation email after you have completed your reservation or if you have been added to the waitlist.

If you are on the waitlist, and a spot becomes available, you will be automatically added to the roster and notified by email. 


  • Check your spam folder if you do not see your confirmation email.
  • If you have any issues, you may need to enable third-party cookies on your browser.
  • If you do not know how to enable cookies or do not wish to, you can right click on the “sign up” button to open in a new window. If you are on a mobile device, hold down on the “sign up” button with your finger to open in a new window. 
  • If you need assistance with reservations, you may call the welcome desk at your branch. However, we cannot accept reservations left on a voicemail or email.

This System is Temporary

Our previous reservation system and the YMCA of Boulder Valley app have been discontinued. This system is temporary. We have a new product in development for managing all schedules and reservations. Thank you for your patience.