Due to Level Red mandates, reservations will be required for independent workouts starting Nov 21 for Boulder County Ys; Nov 24 for the Johnstown Y. Reserve.

All 4 Ys close at noon on Nov 25. All 4 Ys closed on Thanksgiving Day.

Our Ys are open with temporarily reduced hours. Please check our reopening guide for policies before you arrive.


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Sound Bath Yoga

Dec 5, 9:00 am-10:30 am at Johnstown Community Y

Using multiple singing bowls and other restorative instruments, our yoga professionals will lead you through gentle yoga postures and breath work. READ MORE

Yoga Drop-in Classes

Find balance, build strength, breathe deep and relax. These Y classes ensure your mental and spiritual wellness get as much attention as your physical health. Students find relaxation and mindfulness while also fostering flexibility, balance, vitality, muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

Class Schedule

Yoga - Beginner 

Foundational postures in standing and sitting positions, beginner’s backbends and inversions, breathing and relaxation.

Yoga - Flow 

A flowing sequence of poses that you coordinate with your breath as you inhale and exhale. Your movements are connected to your breath, and when done correctly you reach a peaceful and thoughtful state at the end of your practice.

Yoga - For Cancer Care 

This class is for those who have been diagnosed with cancer and are currently in treatment or recovery. Students must complete a health questionnaire (available at the front desk or at carypaulyoga.com) before their first class. Yoga for Cancer Care is gentler than most yoga classes and is customized to the needs of the student. We work on strengthening the immune system, working through scar tissue, building strength and working with the various side effects of cancer treatments.

Yoga - Gentle 

This class takes you through fluid motion and gentle movement to build strength and increase flexibility.

Yoga - Hips and Hams 

This class leads you through a flowing series of postures to build strength, flexibility and endurance focusing on the lower body.

Yoga - Integral 

This highly reflective practice includes postures, breathing and meditation.

Yoga - Restorative Flow 

Restorative flow is a nurturing practice that involves slow, breath-centered movement followed by long-held stretches and numerous hand-ons enhancements. Each class is geared to what the students need for their bodies that day.  The class is perfect all levels and for those who are stiff or sore or need some calming stress relief.

Yoga - Sculpt 

This class focuses on muscular conditioning, posture and over balance with the use of various equipment to enhance overall structural training.

Yoga - Traditional 

Yoga builds a strong body, mind and spirit. This class incorporates Yoga postures, breathing exercises and a mind focus to improve balance, strength and flexibility. Yoga props are offered to safely perform exercises. Restorative breathing exercises and final relaxation will promote stress reduction and mental clarity.

Yoga - Yin 

Yin Yoga combines the best of Chinese Taoist and Indian Yoga principles; focusing on slow stretches of the connective tissue in the body to improve flexibility, and balancing the energy of the body through the meridian system.

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