Find balance, build strength, breathe deep and relax. These Y classes ensure your mental and spiritual wellness get as much attention as your physical health. Students find relaxation and mindfulness while also fostering flexibility, balance, vitality, muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

Balls, Bosu, Balance

This class uses stability balls, BOSU balls and other equipment to enhance balance and challenge coordination. This class is designed for all ability levels with modifications for each exercise.

Better Balance

This class is designed to enhance balance and stability for participants of all ages. The first half of class will incorporate static and dynamic exercises focusing on balance and stability. The second half of class is dedicated to utilizing tai chi-inspired movement patterns. Tai chi movement patterns are known to inspire healthy movement via muscle memory. In addition, the complexity and cognitive loading of the weight-shifting patterns associated with tai chi translate into balance and strength in daily life.

Meditation Yoga


Mindfulness allows us to develop a practice of observing thoughts and feelings without judgment. The benefits of a meditation practice can include: relaxation, stress-reduction, mental clarity, peace and much more. Join us for a meditation practice to grow your internal and external awareness. Please bring your own yoga mat and cushion for support if needed.

Pilates - Mat 

Mat Pilates is a core conditioning program that improves muscle control, flexibility, coordination, strength and tone while performing body weight exercises on a mat. With a focus on proper breathing, good posture and body awareness, a Pilates practice coaxes the body back into its natural alignment. 

Pilates Mat Fusion 

This class strengthens the core and balances the body through a blend of breath, traditional Mat Pilates movements and a combination of contemporary core-strengthening exercises.

Pilates & Yoga Fusion

Looking for a way to refresh your usual workout? This might be the class for you! Blending yoga poses with Pilates will provide a core-focused routine that will provide more benefits to your mid-section than yoga alone.

Pilates Yoga

Restore and Align

Learn to move your body in a way that reduces wear and tear. In this class you will learn how to "stack your body" and unwind the effects brought about by years of underusing/overusing certain movement patterns. You will build a strong foundation of alignment that can joyfully be carried into your life. This class is perfect for individuals who wish to improve their balance, posture and quality of their movement.

Stretch, Roll, Recover

This class is focused on helping your body recover from exercise and day-to-day overuse using self-myofascial techniques utilizing the foam roller, stretching and other relaxation techniques.

Tai Chi

Develop strength, flexibility and coordination with an emphasis on achieving greater mental awareness, self-confidence and calmness in this mind-body centered practice.

Yoga All Ages

Yoga - All Levels

A yoga practice can build a strong body, reflective mind and expanded spirit. Through yoga postures, breathing exercises and reflection you will improve balance, strength, flexibility and inner peace. The all levels Yoga class will finish with restorative breathing exercises and a final relaxation to promote stress reduction and mental clarity.

Yoga - HIGH Yo

Yoga inspired, music driven stretching. HIGH Yo was created to help people fall in love with stretching and start including it into their routines on a regular basis. This lighthearted format incorporates stretching, strength and balance to improve overall health and show what a difference stretching can make in our lives and for our bodies. HIGH Yo was created to leave you feeling amazing, help you appreciate and take care of your body, help prevent injuries, and maintain overall health.

Yoga - Flow 

In a yoga flow class poses are practiced in a sequence that coordinates with the breath. With each inhale and exhale guiding your movement, the flow evolves into a moving meditation resulting in a peaceful and thoughtful state at the end of your practice. Please bring your own yoga mat. This class offers an excellent dose of resistance training (body weight) and flexibility training.

Yoga - Flow Advanced 

This class is for advanced students. A flowing sequence of poses that you coordinate with your breath as you inhale and exhale. Your movements are connected to your breath, and when done correctly you reach a peaceful and thoughtful state at the end of your practice.

Yoga - Gentle 

This class takes you through fluid motion and gentle movement to build strength and increase flexibility.

Yoga for Stiff People

Are you interested in yoga but think you're not flexible enough? This class is for you! Poses will emphasize alignment and accessibility while still providing a challenge. Props and mats are provided; bare feet during class is ideal.

Yoga - Hips and Hams 

This class leads you through a series of postures designed to build strength, flexibility and endurance in the hips and hams.

Yoga - Intermediate

This class pairs postures with breathing, offering more challenging variations to a beginner's class. The postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility and peace of mind.

Yoga - Integral

A flowing sequence of poses that you coordinate with your breath as you inhale and exhale. Your movements are connected to your breath, and when done correctly you reach a peaceful and thoughtful state at the end of your practice.

Yoga - Prenatal

During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes that can create stress mentally and physically. Prenatal Yoga is a great way to connect with your baby and your new body. Take the time to slow things down, stretch, and breathe through your nine month journey.

Yoga - Restorative Flow

This is a nurturing practice that involves slow, breath-centered movement followed by long-held stretches. Each class is geared to what the students need for their bodies that day. The class is perfect for those who are stiff or sore or need some calming stress relief.

Yoga - Strong Flow

This is an evenly- paced style of yoga focused on integrating strength, flexibility, concentration, and contemplation through a series of traditional postures linked together through breath and movement. This style is open to all skill levels.

Pilates Reformer


Pilates Reformer and Mat Pilates provides participants with strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Classes are available for beginner to advanced students.