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Families applying for financial assistance for preschool, K-5th or summer day camp must first apply for CCAP (Child Care Assistance Program) before applying for YMCA financial assistance.

If you are denied support from CCAP, the YMCA will need a denial letter from CCAP prior to applying for YMCA financial assistance. If receiving income from public assistance or from any other source (i.e. Medicaid, Disability, Child Support, etc) please let us know, as you may automatically qualify for YMCA financial assistance. 

The Y does not ask about immigration or citizenship status; we provide care for all children, and we have a long history of supporting immigrant families in our communities and beyond.


If you have an active CCAP authorization, please email the CCAP team with your child’s desired schedule to the CCAP emails listed below. Please include your child’s first and last name, the dates of care needed including days of the week and the site location name and provider ID # (provider numbers found below).

CCAP recipients should contact the business office to register for preschool, K-5th or summer day camp. CCAP participants may not register online. CCAP participants must attend all days they are registered for. CCAP participants will be billed for unexcused absences.

Provider IDs

  • Arapahoe/Lafayette Y: 43051
  • Berthoud: 1748097
  • Big Thompson: 1737152
  • Centennial: 1744813
  • Coyote Ridge: 1748094
  • High Plains K-8: 1744815
  • Inspire Preschool Longmont: 1678154
  • Inspire Preschool Johnstown: 1744773
  • Ivy Stockwell: 1732664
  • Johnstown Y: 1746518
  • Elwell: 1746959
  • Longmont Y: 1680902
  • Mary Blair: 1768162
  • Mapleton/Boulder Y: 47537
  • Milliken: 1732663
  • Namaqua: 1748091
  • Pioneer Ridge: 1732590
  • Ponderosa: 1748092


Does CCAP send my authorization letter to the YMCA?

No. The YMCA does not receive your authorization letter. Once you have received the letter from CCAP, please submit your authorization here. The YMCA requires this form before your child can start in our programs.

If I am authorized for CCAP, am I automatically signed up for the YMCA program?

No. CCAP authorization is completely separate from YMCA registration. CCAP recipients should contact the business office to register for preschool, K-5th and/or day camp programs. CCAP participants may not register online. All families must also complete all ePact forms prior to attending YMCA programs.

If I have CCAP approval to attend before- or after-school care, do I need a separate authorization for school day off camps and summer day camps?

If the school day off camp or summer day camp takes place at a location different than your primary before- or after-school program, you must request authorization for that site at least two weeks prior. Please refer to the list of provider numbers on this page. On average, families have 2-3 different authorizations per year due to program location changes.

If I receive CCAP, do I automatically receive a scholarship for all other programs?

No. If you are hoping to receive a scholarship for membership or other YMCA activities, you will still need to apply for financial assistance. Please include your CCAP authorization letter as one of your supporting documents.

If I need care immediately and am waiting for CCAP approval, may I start in the Y program before I hear from CCAP?

If care is needed immediately, the Y can provide a scholarship to families for up to one month as long as you can provide proof that you have applied to CCAP and are awaiting approval when you send in your YMCA financial assistance application.


YMCA financial assistance recipients may register for preschool, K-5th or summer day camp online after their financial assistance has been approved.

Apply for Financial Assistance

YMCA Financial Assistance FAQs

How may I request financial assistance?

Please review the application for information, including a list of required documentation. After reviewing the application and reading the FAQs, please contact the Business Office if you have questions.

How do I know if I’m eligible for assistance?

We have an unpublished income scale as a base for determination. However, attaining YMCA financial assistance is based on a variety of variables such as income, family needs, individual and emergency situations, availability of funds and cost of programs.

Which YMCA programs offer financial assistance?

Criteria may vary based on the cost to implement each program. Programs offered at the YMCA by outside organizations are not covered by financial assistance. You will find the full fees of each program on our website. It is important for you to know the full fee of the membership/program you are requesting as this information is required on the application. 

Will my financial assistance application and information be confidential?

Financial assistance applications are held in complete confidence and are seen only by YMCA staff. Financial assistance recipients receive the same quality of service as those who are not on financial assistance. We want to impact as many community members as possible; therefore, the number of programs allocated to each applicant may be limited depending on the availability of funds.   

How often will I need to reapply?

Assistance is generally granted for specific programs and/or a specific time period. It is important that you re-apply for financial assistance one month prior to expiration to avoid the auto renew at full price. If you are unsure of your expiration date, please contact the Business Office.

Where do I turn in my financial assistance application with documentation?

You will get the quickest response if you apply for financial assistance online. If that is not possible, you may drop your application off at the Boulder, Johnstown, Lafayette or Longmont facilities. If you are applying for an after-school or summer day camp program at your school, applying online is encouraged. You may turn in your information to the director at your site.

Is there a way I can give back to the YMCA for supporting me through this time of crisis?

We understand that this is a challenging time for you and your family. When you get through this tough time, our hope is that you will give back to the YMCA through volunteering your time or donating to the Y, so we can continue to support others who may be going through a difficult time. Most of the community members who donate to our financial assistance funds do so because they have had an impactful experience with the YMCA and many have benefited from our financial assistance fund as well. Spreading your story of the impact the Y has had on you, doing a mini fundraiser for our Community Support Campaign at your place of work, sharing the wonderful programs we offer and volunteering your time and talent are a few ways you can give back — once you are back on your feet. 

What kind of opportunities do you have for me to volunteer?

YMCA volunteers are involved in educational tutoring, clerical assistance and event planning; they even lend a hand as youth sports coaches and with facility maintenance. Some volunteers have special talents or skills that they provide for the Y. As a nonprofit organization, the YMCA is grateful to the hundreds of community volunteers who help out in many ways each day.

Has the Y Made an Impact on Your Life?

The YMCA encourages financial assistance recipients to share how the Y has been of help to them. These personal stories help our supporters understand how impactful their contributions are, and they encourage prospective donors to become involved.