A summer at YMCA Camp Santa Maria is a life-shaping experience that encourages a spirit of community, exploration and adventure. Our friendly, qualified and passionate staff strive to create a safe environment and a community where caring, cooperation and understanding prevail. Our goal is to send campers home feeling strong in who they are, the relationships they have made and the skills they have gained. YMCA Camp Santa Maria provides a rare balance of fun, challenge, responsibility, adventure and education that defines every camper’s day.

hammock by the lake

Family Camp

Family Camp at YMCA Camp Santa Maria is a great opportunity to share the adventure and relaxation of the outdoors as a family. A variety of activities are offered each day along with fun evening programs. Whether your family enjoys hiking and kayaking, or art and fishing, there are activities at camp to satisfy all interests. 

Friday, August 30, 6:00pm to Monday, September 2, 1:00pm



Weekly Themes

Session 1: Pirates of Danger Lake

Sunday, June 2–Saturday, June 8

Session 2: Camp Santa Maria’s School for Witchcraft and Wizardry

Sunday, June 9–Saturday, June 15

Session 3: Time Travel

Sunday, June 16–Saturday, June 22

Session 4: Amazing Race

Sunday, June 23–Saturday, June 29

Session 5: Holidays in July

Sunday, June 30–Saturday, July 6

Session 6: Space Wars

Sunday, July 7–Saturday, July 13

Session 7: The Magical World of Camp

Sunday, July 14–Saturday, July 20

Session 8: Everyday Superheroes

Sunday, July 21–Saturday, July 27

Session 9: ColoRADo

Sunday, July 28–Saturday, August 3

Explorers Camp Themes

Explorers 1: The Magical World of Camp

Wednesday, May 29–Saturday, June 1

Explorers 2: Theme

Sunday, August 4–Wednesday, August 7