Small Group Training: The Perfect Fit For Your Fitness Goals

Apr 30, 2020, 09:15 AM by Emersyn Drent

Do you get bored working out alone and wish that there was someone there to cheer you on and encourage you? Do you find large exercise classes to be too crowded or intimidating? Then the trend of small group training might be an excellent — and effective — option for you. 

Training with a small group has never-ending benefits. You'll enjoy more individualized attention and instruction as you work toward your ever-progressing wellness goals, with the motivation, safety and support of a tight-knit group.

Here are some of the highlights of participating in small group training fitness classes:

1. More Individualized Attention

One of the main benefits of small group training is that you're likely to receive more individualized attention than in a larger fitness class, where the instructor may not always be able to correct your form or modify the exercise to fit your needs and goals. 

Small group training and classes can come in all forms — from TRX and Pilates Reformer to weight lifting classes and programs that help you train for events or to reach specific goals. So instructors can focus on helping each participant in specialized areas, like improving core strength or fine-tuning lifting form, or in reaching personalized goals, like climbing a 14er.

2. Accountability

When there are people cheering you on and pushing you to your highest potential, you perform better and have more fun doing it. In small fitness groups, members of each class are able to encourage and support each other, making it a more enjoyable and challenging workout. 


3. Camaraderie

When you‘re able to share your workout with others around you, it becomes more fun and not such a hassle. Laughing and smiling with other people in the room will create a fun and positive experience for everyone — especially if the same people take the same class weekly or multiple times a week. According to YMCA of Northern Colorado Pilates instructor Bob Bernier, “The interaction leads to more fun and a sense of team.” Bob has inside jokes with some classes, and that builds a bond that keeps members coming back (and not just for the workouts).

4. Greater Focus on Your Needs

In small group fitness classes, you have the ability to ask more questions and understand the best way to modify the workout if you have any limitations. The instructor will also guide you on how to accomplish personal goals that you've set prior to the class. In addition to achieving your goals, the instructor will also be there to support and assist you with any challenges that may come up.

5. Fun

Many people prefer to be in a social and energizing setting to work out, rather than alone. Being able to grow as a group during your classes creates a sense of community and an environment that people want to be a part of. 

Here’s the best news: You don‘t need to join a pricey boutique fitness club to benefit from small group training. The Y has numerous small group training-style programs that members can enjoy (often for free), and with just 6-10 participants, you'll see the benefits come to life. 

There’s accountability. There‘s camaraderie. There’s a greater focus on you and your needs, your limitations and your ambitions. So why not try out a small group fitness class the next time you are at the gym?