The Lafayette Y pool will be closed April 1 (at noon) to May 14 for bubble takedown. The Longmont Y pool will be open 6:45-11am on April 1.


For more than 500 summer campers, their summer experiences are only made possible because of donor-funded financial assistance. We believe that all children deserve sunshine, silliness, fresh air and bug bites (yes, even bug bites). We believe all children should have the opportunity to build gnome homes, to cannonball into a sun-sparkling pool and to come home exhausted, dirty and elated. We believe children need support to work through trauma, access to mentors who have training in social-emotional learning and programs that restore their emotional and physical health. We believe families need a partner in parenting all year long (not just when school is in session).

In 2023, we are looking for champions to ensure that children in need — including those impacted by the Marshall Fire — have a summer filled with laughter, friendship and activities that keep their minds and bodies active, so they can heal from isolation, stress and loss.  

Be a champ for camp. Your gift changes lives. Donate today.