With COVID-19 shuttering schools and businesses and with hundreds of thousands of Coloradans struggling with employment loss, local families are under immense amounts of stress, strain and financial insecurity. Children are not immune to the stressors.

That’s why, now more than ever, children need the joys of summer camp. However, activities — such as camp — that were once affordable are now unattainable for many families.

At the Y, we believe all children deserve sunshine, fresh air and bug bites (yes, even bug bites). We believe all children should have the opportunity to make slime, to make art, to make friends. We believe in pool time, not screen time. We believe summer camp should be a right — not a privilege — and we are looking for champions to help us ensure all kids experience a summer at camp.

For many campers, their summer experiences are only made possible because of donor-funded financial assistance. Camp gives them connection, activity, mentors, confidence, resilience and safe spaces while their parents work or look for work. It helps them prevent summer learning loss and gives them opportunities to have fun — even when the world seems scary and confusing. Camp allows them to be kids. Be a champ for kids.

Be a champ for camp. Your gift will change lives.