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Code of Conduct

We encourage our members to participate actively and continuously in anticipation that they will become committed to our mission of enriching the spirit, mind and body of the individual and the family. Our expectation is for all members, program participants and guests to follow the four core values of the YMCA: caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. The YMCA of Northern Colorado reserves the right to suspend, terminate or deny membership to any individual. Failure to abide by set guidelines, inappropriate behavior toward staff or other members, acts of violence and anything else deemed hazardous to the safety of members, staff and guests will constitute a possible termination.

Access to Facilities

Children ages 12 and older can access the YMCA without an adult. To maintain a secure and comfortable environment for all, we ask that you follow certain supervision and use guidelines for our equipment and facilities.

Guest Policy

Guests are welcome at the Y to explore our facilities and see all of the benefits of being a member at any time. All guests must pay a guest fee, present picture identification and complete a waiver of liability form prior to entry into the Y. Guests who visit with a member pay a preferred fee. Guest fees.

Dress Code

The Y is a family association and asks its members to wear appropriate attire. Members are required to wear appropriate sports clothing and closed-toe gym shoes with non-marking soles. A swimsuit is required in the pool and hot tub. Swimsuit covers are required in the facilities with the exception of the locker room. In the swimming pool, infants must wear swim diapers. Clothing with profane or offensive language or pictures is prohibited. The Y reserves the right to define inappropriate dress as necessary.

Payment Options

A bank or credit card draft electronically deducts monthly dues from a member’s checking, savings or credit card account. The Y accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Any check or bank account draft returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a fee at the time of the return. A member may be automatically terminated after one unsuccessful draft attempt; however, the member is still responsible for payment of any unpaid dues.

Join Fees

Join fees are collected at the time of joining. As a membership remains continuous, no additional join fees are applicable. Join fees will be collected if a member cancels and renews after 30 days of canceling. Members joining us from another Y will not pay a join fee if they join the YMCA of Northern Colorado within 30 days of leaving their previous Y.

Refund Policy

It is the responsibility of the member to monitor their account activity and contact the Y member services desk immediately with questions concerning their account. If a membership billing error has occurred, the member must notify the Y member services desk within 30 days of the error by filling out a refund request form. The Y will not refund membership dues dating back longer than 30 days.

Membership Cancellation


A month-to-month member may voluntarily terminate his/her membership by completing a cancellation form online or in person at any YMCA of Northern Colorado location. Terminations must be submitted at least five days prior to the member’s next scheduled draft date.

Hold Guidelines


Membership privileges may be held for a maximum period of two consecutive months per calendar year. During the period of the hold, all facility access/usage and preferred program fees are denied to members on the account. In order to “hold” membership privileges, the member must complete a membership hold form online or in person at any YMCA of Northern Colorado location. Five days notice is required for hold requests.

Locker Usage

The Y is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lockers are for daily use only. All items must be removed when exiting the Y. Members may rent a locker for ongoing use for a monthly fee added to their monthly draft.

Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco 
and Firearms

The Y is an alcohol, drug, tobacco and firearms free environment. Possession or use of these items are prohibited anywhere on the Y premises, and may result in Y membership termination.

Background Screening

The Y reserves the right to screen for and deny access or membership to any person who has been convicted of any crime involving unlawful sexual conduct or is a registered sex offender.

Facility & Holiday Hours

The Y will have shortened hours and/or closures on select holidays. See facility hours for updates.

Weather Closings

The Y will close facilities due to weather whenever deemed necessary for the safety of our staff and members. Communication of these closings will be on the YMCA of Northern Colorado website. There will be no adjustments or refunds of dues for these periods of closure.

Improvement Closings

In order to keep facilities in the best possible condition, the Y or portions of the Y may close temporarily for repairs and renovations. There will be no adjustments or refunds of dues for these periods of closure.