Ryder’s Fund is a charitable endowment created in celebration of Ryder Johnson’s life and directed to enhancing the healthy development of young people in our community and assisting them with life’s challenges. The fund will seek opportunities for collaboration with local law enforcement officials to maximize impact and include grants to local organizations providing more specialized services.

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Ryder Johnson had a direct and meaningful history with the YMCA of Northern Colorado. He played hockey for many years at the Lafayette YMCA and especially loved to play goalie. He also participated in many other sports and programs through the years. It is therefore appropriate for a fund bearing his name to be administered through the YMCA’s Endowment Committee. A member of the Johnson family will serve on the Endowment Committee to ensure that the purposes of the fund are carried out and the lives of young people in our community are nurtured, enhanced and enriched.

CU Boulder Buff Peer Advocacy Group

Ryder’s Fund is proud to sponsor the CU Buff Peer Advocacy Group, a CU student athlete’s group dedicated to raising awareness around mental health issues.

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See how Ryder’s Fund is supporting local schools and education programs, law enforcement, specialized service providers, faith communities and youth programs.

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Mental Health Minutes

Mental Health Minutes produced by the Psychological Health & Performance Department of CU Athletics to promote awareness, education and resources for mental health.