Meditation Yoga

YMCA Health & Fitness Programs provide opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels to better themselves, to recover, to attain balance and to develop lifelong healthy habits. Our programs, classes, facilities, expertise and community put joy in movement and help our members live life to the fullest.

“In 2019, I had an undiagnosed issue with childbirth, and the doctors literally saved my life; the recovery was incredibly slow and hard. That experience impacted how I view health. I began to live more purposefully, and came to realize the need for better, healthier lifestyle choices for our whole family. Our community Y has been huge in aiding our efforts by not only welcoming families but focusing programs directly for their needs. We are so grateful to find a comfortable, fun facility we can build healthy family memories in and enjoy community in fitness classes.”

—Johnstown Y Member

Here’s how the Y gives the gift of wellness

Healing Through Exercise

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease that can cause shaking, stiffness and difficulty with balance and coordination. It can be devastating to those it impacts. However, exercise has been proven to reduce the deficits that come with Parkinson’s and help maintain quality of life. In 2012, a Y member and volunteer named Gary Sobol developed Parkinson’s fitness classes at the Boulder Y. Over a decade, Gary worked to grow the program at the Y — and to share Parkinson’s fitness classes with Ys and rec centers around the country. Today, the Y offers numerous programs that support people with Parkinson’s. That includes Pedaling for Parkinson’s and Power Punch Parkinson’s. The Y also impacts cancer survivors through Livestrong at the Y, a free 12-week program that strengthens the spirit, mind and body of its participants. During Livestrong at the Y, participants not only become stronger physically, but they also develop a support system and community in the process. The connections created during sessions help with emotional and psychological healing. In 2022 and 2023, more than 60 cancer survivors took part in the Y’s Livestrong program at the Johnstown and Longmont Ys.

Senior Wellness: Spirit, Mind & Body

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people walk through the doors of our Ys. Our members rely on the Y as a source of wellness and fitness inspiration — as well as a convenor of community.

That is never more evident than with the older adults who adopt the Y as their second home.

The YMCA of Northern Colorado has nearly 7,200 senior members. They turn to the Y for wellness, recovery, connection, friendship and support. Our older members often live alone, and coming to the Y may be their first or only interaction with other people during the day. At the Y, they gather for chats in the lobby, potlucks and coffee hours and group fitness classes.

At the Y, we offer wellness programs and classes that help active older adults break free from isolation, fight chronic disease, improve balance, build strength and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Older members often enjoy our SilverSneakers and Moving for Better Balance classes, Pilates, water fitness and yoga programs.

Wellness in Action

How is the Y different than other gyms and community centers?

The Y is expected to provide more than $2 million in financial assistance in 2023 for families, seniors and individuals accessing Y programs in Northern Colorado and Cheyenne. Thanks to donor-funded financial aid, people of all ages have access to the Y and our many health and wellness programs. Some of that support is provided to families who have experienced loss and devastation during natural disasters, such as the Marshall Fire.

During the Marshall Fire, the Lafayette Y stood up as a shelter for 11 days and nights and served hundreds of evacuees and their pets (yes, dogs, cats and guinea pigs). Evacuees were able to stay the night, attain vital government services and get food and water, heaters, clothing and toiletries. During their moment of need, the Y was here. In the following months, the Y provided tens of thousands of dollars in financial assistance for camp and memberships for those impacted by the fire.

“When my family lost our home in the 2021 Marshall Fire, the YMCA generously extended memberships to the families that had been displaced. These memberships and the central meeting grounds for families provided a lifeline for continued connection with our community. Even though we temporarily lived about 30 minutes away, we continued to come to the Lafayette Y for our son’s swim lessons, summer camp, my wife’s exercise classes, and many trips to the open swim. It was a place where the fire families met and stayed connected as they worked to get back to the Superior / Louisville community. We are deeply grateful for the support that the Y showed our family and all of the Marshall Fire victims, it provided an anchor to our community as we rebuilt and went through the process of returning home.”

—Kevin France, Superior, CO