Facility Notices: The Longmont Y pool reopens April 16. The Arapahoe Y pool closed for bubble removal, April 24 (noon)-May 2.

Our Ys are open with newly expanded hours. Please check our reopening guide for programs that still require reservations and policies.


All youth sports programs will be conducted in a small group format designed to minimize risk in accordance with the current recommendations from the CDC as well as local and state agencies. Our new formats pose the lowest risk according to the CDC guidelines.


Basketball leagues, clinics and programs for kids ages 5 to 14 in Boulder and Lafayette.

The YMCA of Northern Colorado provides the children of the Boulder and Lafayette area with basketball programs that build confidence, celebrate passion and develop skills. No matter the age or skill level, we offer smile-inspiring basketball leagues, clinics, learn to play programs and scrimmage programs in Lafayette or Boulder. 

If your little one is just beginning to enjoy and understand team sports, YMCA Learn to Play Basketball is an ideal introduction to basketball — focusing on skills, rules and mechanics and basics like listening to coaches and being a good teammate. Our leagues give players exposure to competition as he or she continues to grow as a basketball player, athlete and person; players develop their ball handling, shooting and footwork while focusing on sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play. Clinics and Scrimmage & Skills programs help participants refine their skills in a sport they love.

Jr. Buffs Basketball


YMCA and CU Athletics are pleased to team up to offer YMCA Jr. Buffs Basketball. Participants of the YMCA Jr. Buffs sports programs will receive the benefit of the expertise of both organizations. For each YMCA Jr. Buffs sport, CU has a team, so you can be sure to get the best youth sports experience possible.

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The Boulder area has been a mecca for outdoors-y, athletic residents for decades. But it’s not all climbing routes and hiking paths. Boulder is home to a wide variety of traditional youth sports, including basketball programs. The YMCA has offered kids basketball in Boulder for decades and brought those programs to Lafayette in east Boulder County in the 90s. Today, thousands — yes, thousands — of kids in Boulder and Lafayette learn the joys of basketball, enjoy the support of a team and soak in the mentorship of their coaches at the Y each year. 

YMCA children’s basketball programs are foundational. They focus on not just basketball-skill development; instead, they provide kids with opportunities to play, build confidence, learn sportsmanship and teamwork and have fun.

Yes, fun!

We believe the key to getting kids passionate about sports and staying active is making the experience both fun and foundational. There will be games. There will be high fives. There will be giggles. So many giggles.

If you want to learn more about Y Sport, delve into the Y Way to Play and discover how our sports philosophy impacts coaches, players and parents.


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