CEO: Let's Greet Them

Feb 3, 2020, 11:57 AM by Chris Coker

As you can see the Y is pretty busy right now. 

Since December, about 890 new memberships have joined our YMCA (A single membership can include anywhere from one to nine people). This makes us very happy because it is the second-largest incoming class of new January Y "joiners" in the past 11 years. Most of these new members have joined the Y because they want to make some sort of positive change in their lives. Usually, as we all know, it is a resolution to get into better shape.

However, they joined the Y because they most likely thought it would be a kinder, more forgiving environment. For our seniors, they may have been feeling isolated at home because their families have moved away, so they are looking for friendship and connection as well as exercise. The same can be said for our young adult members, who are the ones who moved away and are looking for a community while they start their education, careers or family. 

My request is that each of you make a new friend. 

Get next to someone who is new in your class and just take a moment to make them feel at home. Make them smile, and pay forward the kindness that you felt when you first joined the Y.

We never know why someone is at the Y. All of our lives are wonderfully complicated. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. So please reach out to the person next to you, and welcome them.


Chris Coker          
YMCA of Northern Colorado